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It's a Wrap 

Now that the Holidays are behind us, and we are still somewhat in the gift wrapping mind set, I have an idea or two to brighten up the birthday packages you give in the coming year.

A well wrapped gift can delight the recipient just as much as what is inside the box. Nothing says "I care" like a few added embellishments to make a package special and personalized. When you are out & about shopping, look for things that have letters or numbers on them. Vintage brass stencils, playing cards with letters on them, buttons, etc. I don't always have in mind who is getting what, but I never pass up a card or item that has a 30, 40 or 50 on it. The same goes for wrapping paper. Get creative and always be on the hunt. If you see cool paper you like, buy it. Same goes for ribbon. Many shops such as mine sell fab ribbon by the yard, so you can buy just what you need and don't have to invest in an entire roll.

The above photos were gifts we gave to our friend Sarah who recently turned 40, and to our friend Peg Poage. I had found the vintage card with the double P on it months prior, and I knew it would be perfect on her gift.

Have fun wrapping!

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