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Handmade Scissors
A family in India has been making these for generations. Each pair is signed by its maker. Cared for properly, these scissors will be with you for a lifetime. A stunning addition to any desk. Form and function at its best.
Crocodile Embossed Leather 2014 Planner
Hotel Silver English Cocktail Shaker
Green Ice Bucket
Vintage English Hotel Silver Cocktail Shaker
Footed Vintage Hotel Silver Dish
Set of Bone Picks
Smallest Clear Hobnail Pitcher
Horn Cup
Forged Bottle Opener
Rustic Mug
 Gold Salt or Sugar Spoon
Bone Handled Magnifying Glass
SOLD OUT Can of Wooden Clips
Horn Shoe Horn
Flour Sack Bird Towel
Dotted Small Glass
Bamboo Plates
SOLD OUT Monkey Pitcher
Kent Handmade Combs
Horn Dish
SOLD OUT French Postal Bag
Green Stubby Goblet
Measuring Stick Mugs
Mini Conch Shell
Vintage Button Ball Ornaments
SOLD OUT Silver Jingle Bell
Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
French Honey Dipper
The New Yorker Cats
Ribbed Small White Bowl
SOLD OUT Knitted Fox Doll
Wood Log Box
Camera Pencil Sharpener
Monkey Rattle
Hand Soap Dish
The New Yorker Dogs
Small Flat Ceramic Dish
SOLD OUT Hello Cards
Natural Sea Sponge
Lions Head Tumbler
Alcohol is Fun Coasters
Zig-Zag French Corkscrew
5 Piece Setting of Vintage Flatware
Fabulous Flask
Happy Birthday Music Box
White Penguin Pitcher
Stories of the Sea
French Bee Tumbler
White Milky Glass Goblet
White Shell Pitcher
Glass Orbs Vase
SOLD OUT Square Ruffled White Plates
Gurgling Fish Pitcher
Lucite Ballroom Chair
Vintage Hand Painted Doorknobs
SOLD OUT Wood Bottle Opener
Watson Kennedy Flower Sack Towel
Denise Fiedler Vintage French Letters
Blown Glass Handled Bowl/Vase
Omega Italian Shaving Brush
Jokes Book
Orange Metal Chair
Ceramic Carrot Pitcher
SOLD Veuve Clicquot Vintage Bucket
French Working Glasses
Horn Napkin Ring
SOLD OUT Let's Bring Back
The Widow Clicquot
Vintage Acme Brass Whistles
SOLD Tall Trees Platter
Vintage Clear Salt Cellar
Squash Tureen
Bulb Forcing Vase
Mrs. John L. Strong Pomegranate
Vintage Baccarat Decanter
Mrs. John L. Strong Feather
Honeycomb Votive Holder
French Wood Dice
SOLD OUT Lined Note Book
Boxed THANK YOU Cards
Oyster Shell Dish
Crown Note Pads
Dempsey & Carroll Bobbins
SOLD OUT White Sand Object
SOLD OUT White Cameo Earrings
Alabaster Lamp with Dog Shade
Alabaster Lamp with Silk Shade
Hugo Guinness Nude Front
Hugo Guinness Nude Back
Laguiole 4 Piece Place Setting
Tennis Handle Bottle Opener
Flour Sack Apple Towel
Red Shredding Scissors
Fleur de Lys Etched Martini Glass
Artisan Cutting Board
Box of Push Pins
Alphabet Rubber Stamp Set
Dotted Glass Pitcher
Lion's Head Ramekin
Red Numbered Push Pins
SOLD OUT Blue Green Glass Candlestick
Vintage Milk Glass Lamp
Clear Rounded Glasses
Set of 4 Crown Plates
Pack of 10 Extra Large Tags
SOLD OUT Tennis Racket Mirror
SOLD OUT Recycled Leather Notebook
SOLD OUT Natural Bamboo Flatware
Onyx Urn
SOLD OUT Resin Bracelet
Green Leaf Mini Bowls
Travelling Water Color Set
Junior Classics Book
X Back Chair
Black Beaded Raven Necklace
Horn Tea Scoops
Inspiration Bracelet
David Switch Plate Cover
Linen Napkins
Individual Shaker
Wine Cork Napkins
Crowned Bird Notepad
Blue Lady Painting
Hotel Silver Handled Sugar Cup
Set of 5 Nesting Baskets with Handles
Horn Combs
SOLD OUT Feather Duster
Horn Spoon
Mouth-Blown Handled Vase
Small Handmade Scissors
Vintage Ebony Mirror
Hotel Silver Dish
Bone Handled Letter Opener
Yellow 2 Arm Candlestick
SOLD OUT Encourage Good Intentions
Golf Club Bottle Opener
Melon Pitcher
Golf Ball Stopper
Leaf Salt Cellar
Dotted Green Topped Glass
Champagne Flutes
SOLD OUT Wood Hand
Set of 1 through 12 Glasses
Green Jadite Glasses
Cafe au Lait Bowl
Vine Etched Glasses
Scotch Pump Decanter
Cream Metal Chair
Handmade Scissors
Mercury Dime Cufflinks
Green Flared Ceramic Vase
Mrs. John L. Strong Red Pomegranate Stationary
Clear Ball Candlestick
Green Dotted Glass Pitcher
Vintage Pottery Cufflinks
Vintage Watch Cufflinks
Vintage Typewriter Key Bracelet
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