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Milk Hot Chocolate with Hazelnut
A tin of this just makes the sweetest gift. Pun intended. It really is a sweet gift. For the hot chocolate fan in your life. With a hint of hazelnut to add a little complexity.
SOLD OUT Blood Orange Dried Fruit Crisps
Caramel Cookies
SOLD OUT Belgian Dark Chocolate
SOLD OUT Orange Dried Fruit Crisps
Sweet Tomato Vinegar
SOLD OUT Tuscan Table Olives
Burnt Sugar & Fennel Shortbread
Balsamic Fig & Date Mustard
SOLD OUT Rosemary Parmesan Cookies
Fig & Port Preserves
SOLD OUT Toasted Coconut Caramels
Fresh Lime Vinegar
SOLD OUT Pistachio Bark
SOLD OUT Dark Chocolate Sea Side Caramel Bar
Fran's Dark Chocolate Gray Salt Thins
SOLD OUT Almond Bark
Salted Rosemary Shortbread
Scrappy's Bitters Grapefruit
Pickled Carrots
Jonboy Salted Caramels
Belgian Milk Chocolate
Lime Bitters
Merula Olive OIl
Fran's Dark Chocolate Sauce
Edmond Fallot Dijon
Scrappy's Bitters Gift Set
White Hot Chocolate with Vanilla
Milk Hot Chocolate with Hazelnut
Polenta Pennies
Summer Honey
SOLD OUT Pickled Apricots
Grove 45 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Meyer Lemon Infused Simple Syrup
Coffee Caramel Sauce
Meyer Lemon Spread
Tupelo Honey
Meyer Lemon Marmalade
Lavender Bitters
Bacon Balsamic Dressing
Salted Caramel Lollipop
Pure Orange Blossom Honey
Lavender Honey Drops
Blood Orange Chocolate Bar
Blood Orange Bitters
Blood Orange Marmalade
Blood Orange Olive Oil
Orange Bitters
Grape & Walnut Conserve
Italian Acacia Honey
Sea Salt Crackers
Bitters Sampler
Pickled Crispy Asparagus
Major Grey's Chutney
Sea Side Caramel Candy Bar
Mariage Freres Tea
Meyer Lemon Olive Oil
Watkins Double Strength Vanilla
SOLD OUT Meyer Lemon Twists
Sea Salt Pretzels
Mustard with Truffle
SOLD OUT Black Truffle Oil
Fennel Salt
Maldon Travel Salt
Fleur de Sel Caramels
Italian Black Truffle Almonds
Molasses & Ginger Caramels
Classic Caramel Sauce
Brown Sugar Cubes
Blue Cheese & Mission Fig Dipping Oil
Whole Vanilla Beans
Bernard Herb Grinder
Edmond Fallot Grain Mustard
White Sugar Cubes
Mustard with Fig
Vosges Bacon Bar
French Plums
Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic
Local Honey
Meyer Lemon Caramel Sauce
Roasted Garlic Oil
Fig & Olive Crackers
French Nougat Bar
Cafe Du Monde Coffee
Lavender Infused Simple Syrup
Black Truffle Olive Oil
Marge Original Granola
Maldon Sea Salt
5 Pepper Blend
McEvoy Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Bag of Black Licorice
Bar Trio
SOLD OUT Raw Honeycomb Honey
Rough Cut Brown Sugar Cubes
Apple Cider Vinegar
Absinthe & Black Salt Caramels
Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Clusters
Pure Vanilla Sugar
English Breakfast Tea
SOLD OUT Salty Dog Chocolates
Peanut Butter & Jelly Candy Bar
Black Truffle Olive Oil
Meyer Lemon Marmalade
Paris Tea
Aztec Hot Chocolate
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fig Jam
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Sauce
Tipsy Olives
Rosemary Olive Oil
Tomr's Tonic
Extra Large Virginia Peanuts
Pickled Figs
Aged Balsamic
Dirty Martini
Jumbo Gourmet Cashews
French Pepper Mill
Truffle Salt
French Sea Salt With Cork Lid
Sea Salt Caramels
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